Rainy Day City

Elise and I were downtown for a meeting a couple of weeks ago and I, of course, had my camera.  I love rainy days, so many reflections and surfaces take on a new look.


On The Move!

The last two and half months have been crazy with the move and all.  So many changes but all for a brave new future.  One of the changes is a refocus on the blog.  Im hoping to put images and writing out through the blog on a regular basis, similar to what I have done through Instagram.  I have found the experience of posting on Instagram to be a challenge and liberating.  I have really worked to post the images that appeal to my eye and to work on seeing what my vision will become.   Part of me was, and still is to some degree, nervous putting the images out, nervous about reaction or lack of, nervous to criticism, nervous it wouldn’t last or I would become repetitive or I wouldn’t find the next image I liked.  Well, so far so good.  The best part… Im getting a bit braver each day, a bit more determined, a bit more focused on where I what the the work to go.  One big experiment that might yield some good dividends.  

Wine and Cheese Anyone?

We’re excited to be apart of Art and Company’s photography show this April.  The opening is this Friday, April 1stat 7pm.  There are a number of other photographers that are part of the exhibit which should make for interesting viewing.  Elise and I will be there enjoying some wine and cheese, we hope to see you too.

Revolution at Cantigny

Ry and I had some fun last weekend reliving the revolution at Cantigny.  I think Ryan’s sole reason for going with me was for education…… NOT!  His desires fell on a beautiful wooden sword.  They had a canon demonstration which was very loud, and battle where…. I won’t ruin who won.  And finally a parade where they did many things that both Ryan and I remember from my time at Culver in our parades and his at Woodcraft parades.  Things like officers report, officer center, pass in review, and eyes right.  The saluting by officers with swords and troops with weapons was basically the same except they took a step back with one foot in the final move. 
It was also and opportunity to work with a new camera that we are using in the studio.  The camera has an extremely large sensor which affects the depth of field and how the subject is rendered, it gives the images a very interesting look and feel that is unique to the format.

Most of the events at Cantigny are free, there is a $5 charge for parking.  You can see the upcoming event by here.  There is a wonderful museum for the 1st Division, flower gardens and a tank park where you are allowed to climb.

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Leica Is At It Again

Didn’t I just get done saying in one of my previous posts that the best way to improve your photography was to cover the display on the back of the camera.  Not that Leica listens to me… but hay! they listened…

Announced at Photokina in Colone is the Leica M Edition 60….. No rear screen, no adjustment buttons, only an ISO dial.  Its like a digital M6.

No, this is not a film camera but a fully digital version of their 24mp camera.  It comes with a matched 35mm Summilux 1.4 lens with matched serial numbers.  There will only 600 sets made at a price tag of $18,500.00.  I assure you, all of them will be sold….
In case you can’t believe the price you should check this out….  1923 Leica O-Series set world record
This is part of an interesting development in the industry.  Some cameras manufacturers seem to be willing to take risks on different types of camera setups.  Some that are smaller, lighter and have electronic view finders.  The problem up till now is that most makers are trying to pack as many features as possible in a small body with little or no concern for how it impacts the photographers creative process.  More is not necessarily more.  In the rush to have the most advance tech we forget to use our own advanced tech.. unlike the cameras mind our’s gets stronger with use.
I’m waiting for the first 40 mp cappuccino email camera.. Oh thats right there’s an app for that on the new iPhone.

My Kingly Duties

I’m now over halfway through my Chamber Presidency and I knew from the get go that there would be an uptick in my activity level.  I wasn’t, however, really prepared for my mug to end up in the paper.  And to have this image show up….. well, I have a better idea how my subjects sometimes feel.  I have to admit, after 28 years of photography, I have no shame…   I have learned over the years that my main job is to be a problem solver.  Whether its a 3yr old that want to really stand over there and not here or if its a group of overly serious executive. I do what it takes to get the image.  That philosophy has also followed through to my chamber service,  If if helps me start a discussion or make connections for our members then I’m all in.  We live in a connection economy now and the real purpose of our chamber in the 21st century is help our members make these connections.  From these connections friendships and alliances can form that go far beyond simple leads and cards being handed out.
The back story on the images… This is from our golf outing this June, the theme was Super Heroes.   We wanted to recognize our long term sponsors as being super heroes to the chamber for their commitment to the event.  The committee dressed as their favorite Super Hero to accentuate the point.  I, being a little of my rocker, decided that, since I’m president and the original Super Heroes were Kings…  Why not dress the part, I had a cape, a crown, a scepter, a cigar, and my sword.  I even had two ring pops for my bling, turned my fingers purple from cutting of the circulation – they were meant for smaller fingers.  I had a heck of a time finding two coconut halves, no unladen swallows to be found unfortunately. I had a ton of fun, my character was a bit of a mix between Python and Futurama.
Thanks to Mary Compton for the photographs.  Mary has taken over much of the photography since I have become president.  Between the great images and press releases she writes, she has become a great asset to the chamber.


An Afternoon To Nowhere

I took some time yesterday afternoon to take a drive. I ended up at the Midewin Prairie which is what is left of the old Joliet Munitions Plant, near 20,000 acres of national prairie. The remaining part of the plant has been used for an industrial site and the Lincoln National Cemetery.
Most of the bunkers are still there and they make for an interesting destination.  Though the place is a little spooky, there is no one around.  On the way back to the car I spotted 3 turkeys crossing my trail about 10 yards ahead of me.  The Park Service runs event through their visitor center off of RT 53.  There is a car caravan tour coming up on the 13th that I’m going to try to get the kids to go.  They cover the history and show interesting spots on the site….. we’ll see.  Im always up for weird stuff like this.  This is a great place for some biking if your up for gravel rut roads.  Some of the trails are quite long and straight since they followed the railroad tracks that serviced the bunkers.




Last of the Summer

We went over this evening to Orland’s Centennial Park West where the Trippin Billies were playing and it was a wonderful evening.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to shoot a bit.. though I did sit and listen to most of the concert.
No event would be complete without Ry showing off his level of boredom punctuated by a quick game of Frisbee