The Orient, or something close.

I find oriental restaurant decore fascinating.  It doesn’t matter whether the restaurant is old or new, small or large…  usually, there is some part that is really unique.

The old ones, that we would frequent as kids, had the time test Americanize interpretation of “China”.  This style probably goes all the way back to the 20s…. you know…. octagonal windows, bamboo everything, ricepaper covered room dividers and jade… lots of Jade.   To this point, Ryan and I were driving out the Quad Cities a few weeks ago and I decided to pass through Spring Vally on our way to Bureau Junction to see the Hennepin Canal.  (If you haven’t figured out by now, I don’t go directly anywhere)…  So anyway…  We’re traveling through Spring Vally when I see this jade facade on side of a building off the main drag.  I tap Ryan and ask him what he thinks this place used to be.   Without a beat, he says, Chines restaurant.  13 years old and the style is already ingrained.  Heres a street view of the joint.

The new motif is quite different.  Edgy, colorful, dark corners with pools of light and lots of glass.  Glass tile, glass tables, glass poles, etc etc etc.  I wonder, if in 40 years, this new style will become de rigueur to Ryans eyes and easily recognizable to his children’s.


Can you tell?  

The farther apart they are the more they seem to communicate. 

It has been interesting noticing how the conversation has changed between the kids with our oldest of to school.  The family of 3 months ago is gone, passed into the ages like crawling turns to walking.  Not bad, mind you, just change which has its ups and downs.  

Of course, they notice me noticing them…. stinkers.

Train trip to the big city.

Train trip to the big city. #hipstamatic #iphonography #wehmeierportraits #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #trains #illinoiscentral #reflections

I love taking the train in the city.  I’m a bit of a train nut.  This time, however, it was Ry’s idea.  So we drove over to Homewood to catch the IC.  Great memories for me, my mom and I would take the same line downtown to shop at Field’s.  That was when the cars were deep green, noisy, one level, hot, and had hard to open windows.

My mom would tell me about when she was a girl and took the same trains to the city for school, in fact, the same passenger cars.   Kids are funny when you’re trying to share history, some times they are all ears other times you just don’t know if they’ve even heard you.  I know I was probably the same with my mom.  But, I’m glad I listened enough to pass some things on and I’m pretty persistent on trying to pass it on again.   We don’t seem to value this personal history until it’s gone forever.  Getting can be tricky, record it and the pressure is on, hear it when it comes naturally and you forget to write it down.  Then there’s the whole part about passing it on.

Ry’s ears did perk up a bit when he was asking questions about the conductor and why he was putting holes in our tickets.   I told him it was the same job is Great Great Grandfather had on the very same rail line we were riding.  After that, I was able to share a few more things my mom told me, like how all the conductors new her.  No getting out of line for her…  but there were more than a few punches that seemed to mysteriously miss her ticket.

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